Anna Hennings, M.A.

anna hennings, m.a.

Mental Performance Coach
M.A. Sport Psychology. SF Bay Area + online.


ABOUT anna

A former competitive volleyball player born and raised in Silicon Valley, Anna is the premier mental performance coach for indoor and beach volleyball players in the SF Bay Area. She pairs her sport psychology expertise with her experience on the volleyball court to help players strengthen their mental game so they can play how they want when they want. Anna is deeply passionate about helping athletes believe in themselves, develop self-awareness, and put mental skills into action to support both their performance and life goals.



Beach volleyball, indoor volleyball, tennis, cheerleading, active adults, youth athletes, assistant and head coaches, young professionals, academia, at-risk young men.


what clients Say

Anna is super fun, kind and engaging. She’s especially great at connecting with players, volleyball-wise and genuinely.
— high school athlete
Anna helped me get in touch with what I was feeling when I played so I could effectively maintain my energy and focus.
— high school athlete